Why Moving To Another Country Is The Best Decision You'll Ever Make

Why Moving To Another Country Is The Best Decision You'll Ever Make

I will never forget the day I left. It was a warm September day and I began with a peaceful yoga class led by one of my best friends who gifted me a journal. At the time I had no idea the power behind that gift, but it touched me deeply that she extended such an act of kindness. The butterflies in my stomach were activated and it was finally becoming a reality that I was actually moving to another country.

That afternoon I took my dog for a walk to our favourite park and we lied in the sun and listened to music. I asked for the universe to give me a sign that I was making the right decision to leave. As soon as I asked the question, Three Little Birds filled my ears and simultaneously I saw three birds flying high in the sky; I knew that every little thing was going to be alright, and I developed the mantra “I believe and I trust in the Universe.”

It didn’t sink in that I was really leaving until I said goodbye to my parents and walked away from them towards my departing gate. This was really happening. I was really moving to London, England to pursue my love for teaching and go on an adventure into a new world for me.

How everything fell into place was an act of divine timing. I met my friend at the Canada Water tube station where he showed me how to get to my new home. I immediately felt an immense connection to the Surrey Quays area and was so grateful I was able to move right into a furnished room. I didn’t even have to look for a place to live because this old friend from high school had contacted me on Facebook and the timing worked out perfectly. The house was one of those really old English townhouses and my room quickly became a place of sanctuary for me. I was on the first floor and had this double door that opened into the backyard. The first thing I did was walk down to the Café Quays and bought myself breakfast and I quickly became friends with the owner.

Although my trip began flawlessly, I was quickly challenged. The man I had spent the last 7 months dating broke it off with me. I was very confused because I knew how much he loved me and I was scared to be alone in a new country. The first day of substitute teaching was probably one of the worst experiences of my life. I cried all the way home, and considered cancelling my trip all together. I was feeling defeated, along with a lack of self worth. I was also missing my ex and wanted to go back to see if maybe we could work it out. Luckily my best friend spoke her words of wisdom and convinced me not to give up so easily. She reminded me that if I came home it wouldn’t change anything in my relationship and that this experience would be invaluable. I couldn’t even imagine at the time how right she was.

And so the real trip began.

I was essentially forced to be by myself and I was never so connected to a Universal power as I was when I was in London. I was entirely connected with myself.  I learned how to self-soothe by running, meditating, journal writing, doing yoga and fully giving myself over to trusting the process of life.  

Thank God I did, and here’s why.

1. You get to start fresh

Probably the most wonderful aspect of moving to a new country is the ability to have a fresh start. My roommates and newfound friends never knew my past and they only knew what I decided to share and who I was in the present moment. There is something so empowering about a fresh start without the past interfering with how people perceive you, most importantly how you perceive yourself. When I was in London, I decided I was a runner. Not only did my roommates view me this way, but all the vendors and people who worked at the coffee shops knew this as well.

As I would go for my evening 8K run to the Tower Bridge and back they would smile and wave at me as I ran by. On my off days they always asked if I was planning on running that afternoon. What was great though, is I embodied this. I never missed a run after work and whenever I was feeling anxious or scared I would run to the Tower Bridge and walk over it, feeling rejuvenated, happy and loving that I had done this for myself.

2. Opportunities a plenty

What I didn’t realize at the time is because of that horrible day substitute teaching, I was sent to be a Teacher’s Assistant at the City of London School for Girls to become more familiar with teaching a younger age group. It is a prestigious prep school and I fell in love with it immediately. I became so close with the staff and headmistress, and most importantly I met and worked with a generation of amazing young ladies.

They became my life-long friends who I miss so deeply. I will never forget the Friday morning when the Headmistress referred me to be hired by a woman who was a well-known public figure. She was looking for someone to work with her daughter who had experienced a traumatic event in her life and needed someone to help nurture her back into regular/school life. This experience was not only the highlight of my trip, but actually propelled my life into a direction that I would never imagine.

3. You’ll thank yourself for it

Deciding to move to London was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I hesitated in doing the first round of interviews because I was in a long-term relationship at the time and held myself back. It was after that relationship had ended when I received an email about interviewing again. Being single and not really sure what to do with my life, I decided to take my chances and go. I was hired the day before I met my new boyfriend, and it was always an issue about me leaving and drove a wedge between us. I still decided to leave after 7 months.

I am so happy I didn’t allow that relationship from holding me back. I’m grateful we actually broke up while I was there. I was able to experience London drama free and didn’t worry about anyone else but myself (and my parents, I missed them). When you move to another country you’re challenged in ways that are indescribable and you’re forced to connect with who you are and trust in yourself. I had no choice and was forced to grow and empower myself.

The tools I learned when I was away are invaluable (thank you taken risk). I’m able to take care of myself physically, spiritually, and financially and I’m able to navigate the tube system in London by experiencing it firsthand. I have memories that will always uplift me. I have friends and contacts I will take with me through the rest of my life. I met a beautiful little girl who has inspired me to take my career in the direction I have. I’m as successful as I am today and as successful as I ever will be to date because I took a leap of faith on myself and I left.

I wouldn’t be who I am today, without that experience in London. Even though it was short-lived it propelled my life in ways that are indescribable.

If you have the chance to leave, even for a little while, I highly suggest taking that opportunity regardless if you’re in a relationship or not. You will connect with yourself in ways that you never knew possible and I guarantee you will feel more confident, strong and empowered in being you.

You are most important.

Madelyn Wilkinson | Staff Writer

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