A Democrat That Didn't Vote And Knew TRUMP Would Win!

A Democrat That Didn't Vote And Knew TRUMP Would Win!


Guest: Alexis George Cownan - 3rd year of Law School at the University of Houston


You chose not to vote in the 2016 presidential election, why?

It comes down to strategy, I live in Texas. We are an incredibly conservative and red state, we're a republican state. I'm a democrat and not ashamed to admit that. Our legal system is an electoral college and we have a popular vote. Even if I voted in the popular vote it wouldn't have made a difference. The Electoral College still has a ""Trump" over choosing who our president is. 

I knew regardless of my vote my states Electoral College was going to vote as a republican state. 

I don't believe voting is your number one civic duty. Our country was not founded on voting. Our greatest civic duty is partaking in healthy debate and in continuously questioning our government. 

We as a country have all but lost the art of communication and persuasion and that's why Hilary Clinton lost in my opinion. 


Explain how you knew Donald Trump was going to win the election the entire time?

It goes back to the point I made about we as Americans have lost the art of persuasion. Hilary embodies a lot of great fundamental ideologies, she is a great role model. After 8 years of Obama, as many great things as he did, there were also faults. You have so many people in the US that want change, and Obama was change but it depends on your perspective. 

The people want change, a new president and want something drastically different. It came down to the understanding that Clinton didn't represent anything new. 

Trump was the anti-establishment candidate. There was a crossroads where Clinton didn't take the high road. There was a point in time where she expressed that Trump represented everything that needed to be changed with the government, not his actual words. He is not a politician, he stands for something completely different. 

The people decided that it was worth the risk to elect Trump to represent this change. 

He said everything bombastic and obnoxious and it didn't matter what he said. It comes down to rhetoric and he used it to his advantage he used the art of communication, people wanted to hear something different. They didn't hear the same baloney and non-sense all the really ambiguous answers. He just said how he felt. For the longest time, Americans have felt oppressed in doing that. We're very sensitive to every group’s emotions, that’s also a hindrance. That also inhibits free speech and your ability to express yourself. 

If you're always walking on eggshells how can you even walk normally or even run? You can't even have a normal dialogue because in the back of your mind you're wondering
"how do I say this to make sure that everyone understands my point without me really hurting anyone feelings?" Everyone's emotions are subjective and different. 

People liked how Trump was saying whatever he wanted. Most people loved it because he sounded so different to the conformity and non-sense we hear every single day. Put aside the media bias and how it's privatized, people just want something different. Hilary didn't provide that, Trump did and used it to his advantage and that's why he won from the get go. 


How do feel about a billionaire real estate entrepreneur and playboy being your president?

I think its hypocrisy. How can you judge him? All fortune 500 companies manipulate their numbers to reflect in a way that is statistically skewed. His business capability and years of experience results in him being more networked in industries. I do believe he will be more effective in bringing our economy back to life. 

Everyone has skeletons in their closest, politicians, billionaires, playboys. The only difference is these people are not in the lime light and Trump is. When you're in a position to attain that much power everyone is going to come out of the woodwork and try and toss any piece of dirt on you to trash you and shame you. 

There are a lot of racist and disgusting things that he has done but a lot of us have also done the same and that includes Hilary. With as much mambo jumbo that he was saying, he stood true to himself. That's the difference, Hilary played the politician and Trump played Trump. 

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