That Awkward Moment - The Real Life Story of Two NYC Roommates

That Awkward Moment - The Real Life Story of Two NYC Roommates


Jaron Maynard is hands down on of the best human beings on this planet. Just listen to this conversation and you'll soon understand why. 


What's it like moving back to your parents’ house after living on your own?

I don't think anyone foresees this reverse moves for themselves. One month you're paving your way through Manhattan and the next because of a career change you're living in your parents’ house again. 

It's a big transition and not necessarily easiest one to swallow, pride gets in the way. I'm out now but granted I actually loved living in my parents’ house as an adult. It's like living with a couple of buddies (we've worn them down over the years).


You truly get to know someone when you live with them

We commuted 4ft feet away from each other, we had bedrooms 18ft from each other, we worked in the same office and we partied together.  

One year of living, working and partying together in NYC accelerated what would have taken 5 years. 

It was not just living, working and partying though. You have conversations and experience life moments that don't happen in he workplace or at the bar. You see the true interaction and authentic mindset of someone when you are around them so much. 


Is there anything that surprised you about me after moving in?

I knew before moving in together that we were going to be just fine as roommates. I've seen how dedicated you were for your professional work at Diageo but never seen how seriously dedicated you were to making personal projects like Football for the World happen. 

That focus was professionally something I have seen but a lot of people flip that switch and they wind down after work and its seems like you ramped up the intensity. That to me was impressive, it didn't surprise me though. What surprised me was your persistence. 


The next step mentality

Being 30 and single in Colorado, you do get asked why you're single. In New York, 30 and one even bats an eyelash. Age expectations on marriage is a dangerous thing. 

I don't want to be thinking about "what am I supposed to be doing?" to me it's about: am I working hard? Do I have good people around me? Am I enjoying what I’m doing and am I setting myself up for a future that I can rely on?


Dating older women in the suburbs...

Dating someone who is a little bit older when you live in the suburbs is basically like going out and dating when you live in New York. Less pressure for commitment etc. Going out with a lady that is a bit older, mature and not looking to settle down is a great time. 

You don't have to fall into the expectations, try it for yourself. 


Online dating apps

People forget that all these apps are supposed to accelerate the meet up process. It's just supposed to be an expedited filtration for an in person meet up. It's funny when people match on Tinder or Bumble its almost that they want a life story before you even sit down and have a drink, watch the game or see a concert. 

I actually stop some of these app conversations sometimes because we get to 2nd date talk but we should go out and have that first one.

We have access to some much information now we use it as a vetting process and look at dating as a chore. Dating is supposed to be fun, it's where shit gets weird, the weird is where you get stories and that's why were even doing this. 

You don't want to be "pen-pals" on these apps. 


Dating in New York City

There is a lot more women in New York City than men. Girls didn't like it as much because guys kind of knew they could be free agents. In New York, it's not abnormal to be "talking to" a couple of people at one time. 


Can you raise a family in New York City?

It's tough. Being outdoors for kids’ means playing in a jungle gym in some park. I could do it but it wouldn't be what I had growing up. It has to do with who you have those kids with. If you have them with a native New York area resident it's not unusual for them, it's on you to adapt. 

People hit a burn out stage and the amount of energy it would take to raise a child in New York is at a different level. 

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